你家的空气可以达到 6 times  dirtier than the air outside. Also, up to 68% of all illnesses that we get come from the air we breathe. 那么,你正在做什么来保持家里的空气清洁呢? 

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Indoor air quality is the quality of the air inside of a building, 比如你的家, 你的办公室或零售机构. Indoor air quality is different from outdoor air quality as well as from air quality in an in灰尘rial setting, 如工厂或发电厂.

Multiple factors can affect the quality of the air inside your home:

  • 温度
  • 湿度
  • 通风
  • 空气中的化学物质和微粒
  • 霉菌生长

你知道吗: 你家的空气可以达到 5倍 比室外空气污染更严重?

The quality of the air inside of your home where you spend a lot of time can have a considerable impact on your health. 经常, the health issues that result from poor indoor air quality are called “sick building syndrome” (SBS). The signs of SBS usually clear up once a person leaves the building.




A variety of factors influence the overall air quality inside of a building. 造成室内空气质量差的原因包括:


The types of pollutants that affect indoor air quality can vary based on what’s inside of a home or building and what can get inside of a structure. Although there is a long list of pollutants that can impact the quality of the air inside your home, 如果你的室内空气质量很差, 很可能是以下一个或多个原因造成的.

The most common indoor air pollutants are biological contaminants, 一氧化碳, 甲醛, 烟草烟雾和挥发性有机化合物


Multiple pollutants fall under the category of "biological contaminants.“它们的共同之处在于它们来自于一个有生命的来源. For example, mold and bacteria are two examples of biological contaminants. Pet dander and saliva can also contribute to reduced indoor air quality, 特别是如果你有过敏症. The droppings and urine (which can become airborne when it dries) produced by cockroaches, 老鼠和其他家庭宠物也属于这一类.

Certain conditions inside of a house can create an environment that's hospitable for biological contaminants. 潮湿或潮湿的地方会导致霉菌的生长, bacteria and mildew and 灰尘 mites also thrive in wet or damp conditions.

保持家里的湿度 在30%到50%之间 is one way to reduce the risk of pollution from biological contaminants. 控制任何害虫, such as by catching mice or roaches and by keeping food and water out of their reach can also help.


Carbon monoxide (CO) can be a tricky and dangerous source of indoor air pollution. 它是一种无色无味的气体, 因此,如果没有一氧化碳警报,很难检测到它. The effects of CO on a person's health vary based on the levels of the gas inside a building. 在低浓度时,它可能会让你感到疲劳. At higher levels, it can cause confusion, headaches 和流感-like symptoms.


  • 电器: 燃气灶具, 木炭烤架, 衣服烘干机, 热水器, 炉, 空间加热器和燃气壁炉
  • 吸烟: Tobacco smoke from cigarettes and cigars, wood-burning fireplaces and 木炭烤架
  • 电动工具: 电锯,燃气割草机,燃气工具

  • One way to keep CO levels inside of your home within the recommended levels is to have your 加热系统定期检查. It is also a good idea to install a 一氧化碳 detector with an alarm so that you know if CO levels become elevated.


甲醛是另一种无色气体. It is produced as a result of combustion and is found in tobacco smoke as well as the emissions produced by fuel-burning heating systems.

Certain products found in buildings and homes can also contain 甲醛. 这些产品, 例如由刨花板或压缩木材制成的家具, “废气”甲醛吗, 特别是在炎热的条件下. Ways to avoid or reduce exposure to 甲醛 include choosing furniture made from materials that comply with Ansi / hpva hp-1-2009, Ansi a208.1-2009或ANSI A208.2 - 2009标准. 如果你对家具所用的材料不确定, keeping your home well ventilated will allow 甲醛 to dissipate.


Smoking tobacco products inside a home or building reduces indoor air quality in a couple of ways. 烟草烟雾产生一氧化碳和甲醛. 它还包含 大约有7000种其他物质. The best way to limit exposure to the pollutants found in tobacco smoke, 对吸烟者和其他在家的人都适用, 是避免在室内吸烟吗.


A volatile organic compound (VOC) is a gas that is released into the air by a product. 甲醛是挥发性有机化合物的一个例子. VOCs的水平通常是这样的 室内环境的10倍 与室外环境相比.

A wide range of products found in homes and other buildings can produce VOCs:

  • 油漆
  • 清洁产品
  • 地毯
  • 强化地板
  • 空气清新剂
  • 农药
  • 胶水
  • 干洗溶液(可在干洗衣物上找到)
  • 永久性的标记
  • 化妆品

Looking for and using products that do not contain VOCs is one way to reduce exposure to them indoors. Opening the windows and improving ventilation indoors can also help to lower exposure.


放松的女人休息呼吸新鲜空气在家里的沙发上Pollutants that affect indoor air quality can also affect your health. In rare cases, poor indoor air quality can lead to specific diseases, such as Legionnaire’s disease. 在其他情况下, you might have symptoms and feel ill effects because of poor air quality, but you might not be able to put your finger on a specific illness.

室内空气质量对健康的影响可能是立竿见影的, meaning they develop right away after exposure to a particular pollutant. 这些影响也可能是长期的, 这意味着症状可能需要数年才会出现, or you need repeated exposure to the contaminant to notice any ill effects.

Some of the immediate health effects of poor indoor air quality include:
  • 头痛
  • 头晕
  • 乏力
  • 刺激眼睛、喉咙或鼻子
  • 呼吸困难(哮喘症状)
  • 内存问题
  • 鼻塞或流鼻涕

One way to tell if your symptoms are due to poor indoor air quality or another cause, 如感冒, 是在什么时候发生的. If you only feel sneezy or notice that your nose only runs when you’re indoors, then it’s more likely that something is going on with the air in your home, 而不是感冒或流感.

The long-term health effects of poor indoor air quality tend to be more serious than a runny nose or a headache. Ongoing exposure to pollutants in a home or building can potentially lead to heart or lung disease as well as certain types of cancer.


There are a few ways to tell if the air inside your home is unhealthy. The first thing to do is to pay attention to any signs or symptoms that the indoor air quality is poor. 如果你感到头晕, 当你在家时打喷嚏和其他健康影响, 你离开后这些症状就消失了, 这可能是室内空气不健康的信号.

Another way to determine if the air in your home is unhealthy is to examine and evaluate what you and other members of your family do inside. 如果人们在室内吸烟, 定期喷洒除害剂或空气清新剂, 或者经常用油漆做手工项目, 这些活动会影响你家的空气质量.

潮湿的地区, condensation on the windows and visible mold growth are also signs that something is amiss. A musty or otherwise unpleasant odor in your home can suggest that humidity levels are too high. It is possible to measure the level of some gases and VOCs inside the home. For example, a 一氧化碳 detector will alert you if CO levels creep up.


改善家里的空气质量通常包括三个步骤. The goal is to limit the pollutants indoors so that everyone who comes into your house can breathe more easily.


The first step to improving indoor air quality is to limit the number of pollutants that get into your home. There are multiple ways you can restrict or control the source of pollution indoors.

  • 选择不含或不释放VOCs的产品.
  • Reconsider having pets with fur or feathers, especially if members of your household are allergic.
  • Choose hardwood floors over carpeting, which can limit 灰尘 and 灰尘 mites.
  • 供暖系统的过滤器是否定期更换.
  • 调整或更换大型电器, 例如煤气炉或火炉, 减少它们产生的排放.
  • Keep humidity levels indoors within the recommended levels (30 to 50 percent).
  • 不要在室内吸烟或吸电子烟.


Although reducing the number of pollutants that make it into your home is the first line of defense when it comes to improving indoor air quality, 这不是你唯一能做的事. 改善你家的通风或空气流通也有帮助.

在浴室或厨房, you can improve air circulation and lower humidity levels by running an exhaust fan. Running a fan in your bathroom while you shower will help to reduce mold growth. In the kitchen, an exhaust fan will help to direct any particulates out of the house.

The simplest way to improve the ventilation of your house is to open up the windows or doors on a beautiful day. Opening the windows on all sides of the house can create a gentle breeze or current, 帮助空气在家里流通.


The third thing you can do to improve the air quality indoors is to clean the air. Air cleaners work by filtering 灰尘 and other particles from the air, and they are meant to be a complement to other methods of improving indoor air quality, such as reducing the source of pollution and improving ventilation.

在家里安装空气净化系统, improving the ability of your heating system to filter the air can also help to improve indoor air quality. Installing a dehumidifier or otherwise controlling your home's humidity levels can also lead to an improvement in your home's indoor air quality.


We offer several IAQ product options to help improve the quality of the air in your home. All of our products can easily be added to your existing heating and cooling system or in your home. To help you determine which product would best solve the air quality problems in your home, schedule a free in-home energy consultation with one of our expert energy consultants.

  • 电子空气净化器 from Aprilaire offer in灰尘ry-leading particulate removal – providing you with protection against allergy and asthma triggers, 一个清洁工, 更健康的家庭,更少的灰尘, 以及对暖通设备的优越保护.
  • 增湿器 eliminate the unhealthy and damaging effects of overly dry air on your family and home.
  • 除湿机 remove excess moisture from the air in your home, making your home more comfortable. 我们的四月除湿机很安静, 数字控制, 符合新风通风标准, 并且有5年的保修期.
  • PureAirTM 整个家的解决方案 系统为每个房间和每一次呼吸提供更清洁的空气. They system address three types of airborne pollutants: airborne particles, 细菌和细菌, 还有化学气味和蒸汽. 他们删除99.9%的粒子像花粉, 灰尘, 和宠物皮屑, 以及90%的病毒,如耐甲氧西林金黄色葡萄球菌, 冷, 和流感.

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